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VideoANT – Annotating Videos

When my students give presentations, I video them so the students can see what they looked and sounded like. Now I can annotate those videos and strengthen feedback for them.

I’ve created a short pdf showing how it works – VideoANT – For Annotating Videos but their video tour with my annotations might be more interesting –

I tried it myself on a previously posted video of mine with this result –

I’m looking forward to using it this fall.


Using Diigo as a Note-Taking Tool

Diigo is a tool for saving URLs to the cloud. It’s also great for saving chunks of the text by highlighting it. Works best for me in Chrome (on a Mac).


After reading these two posts on ProfHacker about Evernote, I had to give it a try. Here’s a brief initial tour:

Crocodoc: Annotate PDFs (and websites too)