For those of us with a special interest in the emerging web, looking out for new applications on the web is a natural part of life on the web. Twitter is a fantastic way to share these finds on the go, but wouldn’t it be nice if we gave each other a heads up about our favourite applications, tips and tricks in one fell swoop?

Thus was born the Emerging Technologies Summer Institute. For the month of July, 2010, we will share the things we’ve learned via short, casual screencasts. The more the merrier! It’s crowdsourced professional development!

Got something you want to share? You don’t need to be an expert. You don’t even need to do a full demo. Go here to learn how to make a free, easy screencast. DM me (rmazar or etechsi) on Twitter with your email address and I’ll add you to the blog. Make your screencast (or two, or fifteen!) during the month of July.

Once July rolls around, watch this space! Our collective coolhunting will surely result in everyone discovering something new and revolutionary.

Who We Are
We are librarians, academics, technologists, and general web nogoodniks. We might be you!