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Using flickr to find Creative Commons images

I use flickr all the time to find images when I need to illustrate a blog post. Here’s how to find Creative Commons-licensed images:


VideoANT – Annotating Videos

When my students give presentations, I video them so the students can see what they looked and sounded like. Now I can annotate those videos and strengthen feedback for them.

I’ve created a short pdf showing how it works – VideoANT – For Annotating Videos but their video tour with my annotations might be more interesting –

I tried it myself on a previously posted video of mine with this result –

I’m looking forward to using it this fall.

Adding professionally-produced audio to a video is fraught with difficulty: copyright, for one, is complicated water to tread, and without specific software, it might be impossible. Youtube allows you to swap out the audio from a video and replace it with rights-cleared audio. Here’s how:

Here’s the video I audioswapped in the demo:

Mockingbird for mocking up websites with wireframes

Mockingbird : wire-framing tool that allows you to quickly mock up websites.

Prezi for Presenting

This was my first attempt at using Prezi – it was very easy and I think I can do better next time. Check it out.

Diigo is a tool for saving URLs to the cloud. It’s also great for saving chunks of the text by highlighting it. Works best for me in Chrome (on a Mac).

Subscribing to RSS feeds in Outlook 2007

A short training video for Nebraska Library Commission, though useful to anyone, on how to get subscribe to feeds in Outlook 2007.

Archive of Our Own: Cataloguing Online Fiction

I’ve been interested in the ways that fandom communities organize fanfiction; it’s significantly more sophisticated than any fiction organization I’ve seen elsewhere, and more tailored to the specific needs of their users. I discovered Archive of Our Own just last week and was very, very impressed.

I’m delighted to see that there is an Organization for Transformative Works as well!

The first video I made about this archive was 18 minutes long and I still didn’t cover everything I wanted to cover. Props to Naomi Novik and co. for the fantastic work.

Read Web articles easier with Readability

Sometimes Web articles are difficult to read due to factors ranging from fonts, to margins, to distracting unrelated onscreen content. Take just a few moments to customize and install a Readability bookmarklet and you’ll be reading easier in seconds.

memoov, which I might be mispronouncing dreadfully, but it made sense to me at the time.